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Your online profile on FlexiGolf

The objective of FlexiGolf is to allow nomadic golfers to discover courses where they want to play, like a golf travel magazine.

With your profile on flexigolf, all nomadic golfers have the necessary information to visit you and above all, take advantage of your offers put forward on our site.

Our weekly newsletters

We are always in constant communication with our community of nomadic golfers. Every week we communicate our new blog articles, our photos, videos as well as our exclusive offers.

All of our partner golf clubs are featured in these mailings.

Active presence on social media

Social media is everywhere and ubiquitous these days. FlexiGolf is very active in growing the community of nomadic golfers: Facebook, Instagram, Tiktok, etc!

All our partner golf clubs appear in our publications and get visibility! Our partners also benefit from our Facebook advertising

Our visit to you!

We come to live the experience of your golf club to make your facilities known to the entire community of nomadic golfers!

During our visit, we create material to talk about you all year round: photos by drone, videos, blog article and of course we visit the attractions of your community for our concept On the golf course!

Our 2022 surprise events!

Creating new concepts, events and trends are part of us at FlexiGolf.

In this sense, all our partners are automatically included in our new projects and concepts.

2022 will be a year full of novelties!

Our mission: to be your best value for money marketing investment of the year

You decide on your pricing strategy – we are your preferred intermediary to attract new customers to sustain your business

We display the packages you want – golf – golf and dinner – golf and accommodation – unique golf experience

You set your terms

Our expertise

Digital Marketing Strategist

As marketing specialists, we are determined to create innovative and creative marketing strategies to promote your golf club! Even more, we want to create dynamism in the golf industry!

This is our mission; create a digital marketing strategy that speaks golf all year round to create the largest community of nomadic golfers!

Golf-oriented content creator

We think golf at all times. Our pleasure is to create content that golfers are looking for. It’s a passion, not a job.

Also, we have set up the @On the road to golf concept in order to position each golf club as a golf getaway destination!

Golfers want to discover and we make it easy for them to optimize their golfing experience.

FlexiGolf is simple and effective!

1. Easy registration

Registration by phone or electronically and then we discuss together your needs and your reality.

2021 GOLF sales

2. We take care of everything

You don’t have to do anything, we take care of everything: creating your profile, putting your products online, advertising, sending tickets and more.

3. Online sales begin

In 48 hours, everything is online! The promotion and sale can begin!

4. Custom Dashboard

Find all the information of buyers and validate your tickets simply in summer.

5. Your monthly sales

Every month your sales are deposited in your account along with a detailed sales report.

The opinions of our partners

The FlexiGolf platform introduced us to a new range of golfers, often younger than our usual golfers, from all over Quebec. To place online offers on the site is really super simple and the administrative costs are really very low, it has nothing to do with competitors who offer online gaming rights packages in the same way.

Christian Dionne

General manager, Montmagny Golf Club member since 2019

“A company with exceptional service with dynamic marketing. Marie-Pier is a person who always thinks one step ahead, and that sounds like me! Passionate about golf and sports in general, she is an entrepreneur with whom everyone wants to do business. I love doing business with them and they are now the only place Parcours du Vieux Village sells online! »

Marc Hurtubise

Co-owner and general manager, Route of the old village, member since 2018

The FlexiGolf company is all about professionalism, both for the customer and for the golf club. The service is excellent and personalized too. Their website is very user friendly. Congratulations to the two passionate entrepreneurs!

Eric Sylvain

General manager, St-Michel golf club member since 2018

Some of our partners

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FlexiGolf is simple, effective and creative!

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