Frequently Asked Questions

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Can I invite people with my flexigolf tickets?

Yes. Tips: You can plan golf trips by purchasing your green fees in one place! Save and find out new golf courses!

What are FlexiPoints?

Our fidelity program! With all your purchases, you have a 1% discount to save more and thank you for your loyalty. All the details here:

Is there a service charge for using FlexiGolf?

Yes. The 2% service charge is charged (before taxes) for the purchase of green fees and promotions only. However, even with the service charge, the prices are always cheaper on FlexiGolf, it is normal we are less greedy than the competitors!

Aussi, le frais de services vous permet de profiter d’offres promotionnelles sans vous procurer une carte d’adhésion ou passeport comme il se fait parfois sur d’autres sites. FlexiGolf therefore gives you greater flexibility!

What is the service charge used for?

We want to be a constructive player for the golf industry, both through our marketing and through our business model. Charging a golfer service fee allows us to charge a lower golf club service fee in order to maintain the financial health of golf clubs but also to provide you with great promotions.

In this way, you can take advantage of discounts to optimize your budget, while preserving the financial health of golf clubs. Also, the service fee is used to constantly improve our offer and make the improvements required to ensure a high-performance platform. It also helps provide a secure payment system as well as an optimal user experience with quality customer service and technical support.

How do you book a departure?

You contact the golf club directly by phone and you take a tee according to your purchases. You must mention your ticket code. You can also book through the website of some golf clubs. This information is indicated on the electronic ticket.

How do you cancel a departure?

You communicate directly with the golf club. FlexiGolf is not responsible for your reservations and cancellations with golf clubs.

Can I get a refund for my purchases?

According to FlexiGolf’s refund policy, you have 14 days to get a refund for your purchases. See our refund policy to learn more.

I did not receive my purchases / I lost my electronic ticket

Check the “junk” folder in your mailbox. Tout vos billet sont aussi toujours conservés précieusement dans votre compte sur flexigolf. Https://

If you cannot find the electronic tickets for your purchases, please contact us directly so that we can correct the situation. [email protected]or at 1-418-657-9000

I have a problem with a golf club
Customer service is paramount for FlexiGolf. Customer service is important for FlexiGolf.