Loyalty program

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How it works

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Earn FlexiPoints to save more. For every dollar spent on flexigolf.ca you get a FlexiPoint. 100 FlexiPoints accumulated is equivalent to $ 1, or a discount of 1% of your purchases before taxes, at all times on all golf promotions as well as green fees!

During National Golf Month, you double your accumulated FlexiPoints!

There are also different ways to get FlexiPoints, follow this short guide and stay tuned for the evolution of the program.

Do you have to accumulate a certain minimum amount of points before you can take advantage of the credits? No. No restriction

Create an account

The first step in obtaining points is to create an account. As soon as you register, you get 300 FlexiPoints. (only once by email)

Create your account right away by clicking here https://bit.ly/2v00zjA


In your account section you can invite your friends to create an account on FlexiGolf, so you will get 200 FlexiPoints as soon as they create their account. As a bonus, as soon as he makes his first purchase you will get 400 FlexiPoints.

To refer a friend for the FlexiGolf loyalty program you must follow the following steps:

1) Log in to your account (at the bottom of all the pages of our site you will find the link “My account”)

2) Click on the refer a friend button

3) A link will appear in the table just below.

4) Copy this link and send it to your golfing friends by email or Facebook (or any other means).

5) Vos amis golfeurs doivent cliquersur celui-ci et s’enregistrer (se créer un compte) sur le site.

6) You will receive your points as soon as your friend has created their account.


To redeem your points, nothing could be easier. By proceeding with your purchase, you will automatically be suggested to use them! You are free to combine them.