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FlexiGolf allows you to create your game portfolio for the seasons in various golf clubs in Quebec and elsewhere. Buy various promotions online (the number you want;)) to discover new areas while optimizing your budget!

Flexigolf has two sites:

1. For golf offers: Flexigolf.ca

2. For golf offers with accommodation escapade.golf.flexigolf.ca

There is no subscription fee to be a member of Flexigolf for golfers; it’s free!

The 2% service fee on transactions (rounds of golf only) allows us to offer the lowest fee to the golf club to create a long-term sustainable platform for all industry stakeholders.

With any purchase on flexigolf.ca, you accumulate FlexiPoints, our loyalty program to save you more and thank your loyalty.

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PSST: To purchase golf getaways, your flexigolf account information does not work, they are two separate shopping carts.

The steps to buy your promotions


You search and buy online

Our directory of exclusive offers allows you to discover new sites at the best price. There are offers during certain periods; christmas, valentine’s day, spring and of course for the summer season! FlexiGolf is the place to plan your golf season!

Online ticket and reservation

You receive electronic tickets by email automatically after your purchase. They are also kept preciously in your account. When you are ready to play, with the information you have on your ticket, you reserve your tee time by contacting the golf club.

You accumulate FlexiPoints

In addition to saving with our exclusive offers, you save even more by accumulating FlexiPoints with all your purchases for future discounts!

Your points are always accessible and you never lose them. You decide when to use them!

What our users think of us

4.9 out of 5 stars on Facebook reviews

FlexiGolf offers excellent service even on public holidays it’s great! Thank you FlexiGolf

Réal Prévost

4 janvier 2020

Nice promo easy purchase tickets received immediately.

Lisette Croteau

12 avril 2019

Cool! Affordable golf everywhere in Qc!

Joël Chassé

18 avril 2019

Easy purchase, golf ticket received immediately after purchase

France Roberge

25 septembre 2018

Good promo, the site is easy to use and access to online gambling rights immediately after purchase, thank you!

Robert Théberge

17 septembre 2018